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Personal Information


My full name D. Panchayuthapani is a real tongue twister. “Panchu”, my short name, is better known among my friends and acquaintances.


Date of Birth : 12th Nov.1969 (not official). It is strange, but very common among Indians to have an official date of birth other than the original date of birth.


Religion : I believe in secularism, but I am a Hindu for official purpose. The word “religion” is too young to describe Hinduism, one of the oldest “way of life”. Unlike other religions, its origin is unknown and nobody created it.


Nationality : We are a country of diversity, rather “contradictions”. It is a developed country in many fields, but under-developed in many other aspects. We talk about racism in other countries, but practice castism at our own backyard. We are proud of our nuclear assets, but not ashamed of our poor people being forced to use public places as open toilettes. The developments are city-centric, its burgeoning cities and their elite population are getting the major share of globalised economy. The villages are largely untouched, probably the administrators want to preserve the status quo of “Gandhian Days” as a tribute to the great soul who always spoke for it…..

……………………………………………still, I am proud of being an Indian, my nationality.

Height : 168 cm, looks too small !,  I am 1680 mm tall.

Weight : 62 kg, I would be happy if air lines allow lean passengers to carry extra baggage as a concession.

Status : Unmarried. Will be discarding the first two letters soon.