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A Survey of Shrimp Diseases in India


To develop a database of diseases affecting shrimp in India, an investigation was carried out in shrimp farms and hatcheries throughout the Indian coast over a period of two years. Diseases frequently encountered were luminescent bacterial disease, larval mycosis, protozoan infection, black spot disease, tail rot, muscle necrosis, vibriosis, P. monodon - type baculovirus (MBV) and systemic ectodermal and mesodermal baculovirus (SEMBV) infection or white spot disease. Also observed were infections of yellow head virus (YHV) and infectious hypodermal and haematopoietic necrosis virus (IHHNV). A survey of antibiotic resistance was simultaneously carried out on bacterial cultures isolated from diseased shrimp, and remedial measures were suggested. This paper also deals with the incidence and outbreak of white spot disease in India and its recurrence after a crop holiday period of 4-5 months.

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